The Heaven Amongst Tourist Places In Pune

Amongst the various Tourist Places in Pune Malshej Ghat Pune has its own charming, quaint and pleasing nature. The various Ghats and hill station places around Pune are known to all. Ghats near Pune are water bodies that nature has bestowed to the state of Maharashtra (India).

Malshej ghat is typically a mountain pass. The pride of this mountain pass is the bounty and spell bounding beauty of the Western Ghats. Just a look at the pictures in the gallery will urge you to visit the Malshej Ghats near Pune. The Ghats are generally covered in green color. A good deal of flora and fauna are reported to be dwelling in the Malshej Ghats.

Tourist places in Pune and around Pune are well known for its greenery and pleasant weather. Between the cities of Mumbai and Pune are situated several hill stations. The Western Ghats are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the country. Places around Pune provide a number of weekend gateways to the residents.

  • 130 kilometer north from Pune the Malshej attracts thousands of tourists.
  • Flamingoes (birds) are one of the attractions of malshej ghats.
  • Avian birds are native to the Malshej Ghats.
Tourist places in pune
Tourist places in pune
Tourist places in pune

The monsoon magnet

As mentioned the Ghats near Pune and specially the Malshej Ghats are covered in green for most of the time. Especially if it is Monsoon your joys will know no limits. The vivid graphic and scenic beauty of the Malshej Ghats is best depicted in the rainy days.

People are attracted towards the Ghats like a powerful magnet in the monsoon. Some visitors who are natives nearby would take it as a rainy day activity. At Malshej ghat Pune we find clouds at height that you can touch them, several small streams of water on the rocky hills.

A long Drive

So you love to drive and your favorite is a self-driven trip? Well if you are resident at Maharashtra India; think no more drive to the craziest tourist places in Pune. Needless to mention amongst the various places around Pune malshej has its own aesthetic importance.

  • Between Pune and Mumbai on the western ghat is situated this malshej Ghat.
  • Bike or Car whatever is your vehicle a picturesque sightseeing while you drive is guaranteed.

Romance in the air

Malshej Ghats near Pune can be seen as an ideal romantic destination. The heartwarming nature will overwhelm your emotions.

  • Seize your time with your loved one and carpe diem to Malshej.
  • Spending some quality time at such a beautiful place cannot be described.

The waterfalls

The water falls at Malshej are simply dramatic and decorative. Several tourists have believed the magic of these water falls. In the Western Ghats falls are many but Malshej has that imaginative feeling.

A day out with Family can know no better place than the Malshej ghats.

  • This is a place that deserves a poetic description.
  • Please refer our getting there page and plan an outing now!
Tourist places in pune

We take that extra step of conserving and maintain our nature and promise ourselves not to deplete the nature but just appreciate it.

Some words in praise

Pune tourist places which are away from the city are quite popular destinations for the city dwellers. There are genuine reasons for the same. Below are some of the reasons why these places are favorites.

  • The chaotic lives of the metropolitans urge them to go to serene places.
  • Inside the city Pune visiting places are crowded and manmade.
  • The monotony of work life needs a break every now and then.
  • The gifted mountain ranges around Pune have numbers of hill stations.
  • Malshej brings you closer to nature and its habitants.

Thousands of reasons welcome visitors to these beautiful destinations. They are all easily accessible and reachable. The government of Maharashtra (India) has taken special steps to safeguard these natural assets. These tourist places have been carefully taken care of. The transportation and the road ways to these magnificent Pune visiting places has been well maintained by the authorities.