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Pune To Malshej Ghat, We Guide You

Tourist places in Pune are many and so are the places to visit near Pune. If you choose to take the road from Pune to Malshej Ghat you should take the Pune – Nashik Highway (NH 50) to Alephata. You should take a left turn on Kalyan-Ahmednagar Highway (SH-222).

In the era of google maps, road trips are much easier. With the awesome navigation features, one can travel the unknown roads and highways.

Malshej travel from Mumbai

If you are travelling from Mumbai (The capital of Maharashtra and Financial Capital of India) you should take National Highway 3 (NH3) to Bhiwandi and turn towards Murbad. You can also take the state highway via Kalyan.

  • Caution here is you should check the conditions of roads beforehand as this is prone to landslides during monsoon.

The Western Ghats gets a good share of monsoon every year because of its appropriate geographical location. The entire area has a rocky terrain and hence landslides are quite natural.

Places to visit near pune
Places to visit near pune
Places to visit near pune

Train travel to Malshej ghat

Malshej is a beautiful destination amongst places to visit near Pune. Apart from the road ways if you want to opt for a more convenient way of travelling, railways is a good option.

  • The nearest rail head to Malshej Ghats is Kalyan. It is in the thane district of Karjat.
  • You can reach from Pune to Malshej ghat through Kalyan railway station.
  • After reaching Kalyan you can take the state bus that commute between kalyan and Ahmednagar.
  • All Ahmednagar buses stop at Malshej Ghat.
  • From Kalyan if you have taken a bus you should reach destination in 1.5 hours.

Air Travel to Malshej Ghat

While planning a trip to Maharashtra, one must plan a visit to the impressive and outstanding Malshej Ghat. Like other unforgettable tourist places in Pune Malshej Ghat is also one of the places to visit near Pune.

If you are landing in the state of Maharashtra through Airways, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai is the nearest Airport.

  • From the Mumbai Airport it takes roughly three hours to reach Malshej Ghats.
  • However from the Pune Airport one can take National highway 60 to reach Malshej. It takes slightly more time as compared to Mumbai airport.

Pune to Malshej Ghat: a favorite drive way

  • Trekking – Trekking at such a terrain of the Western Ghats is a favorite sport activity for the trekkers.
  • Biking – Needless to say Bikers find it strikingly grand to go for a bike ride on the unknown roads.
  • Hiking – Hiking is yet another favorite activity of the youngsters and enthusiasts at the beautiful Malshej Ghats.

There is no dearth of Tourist places in Pune. Whether it is about the list of places close to nature or historical monuments the city of Pune is rich in all forms of tourist attractions.

The recent development in the city and adjoining places has turned the city into a popular job and study hub. Several people have migrated to this part of the country.

Malshej Ghats remain an attractive destination amongst all the tourist places to visit near Pune.

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