Monsoon Magical Places – Malshej Ghat & Shivneri Fort

Malshej Ghat is a mountain pass nestled in the extremely tall rough hills of the Western Ghats. The majestic Western Ghats have a narrow, curvy road with deep valleys & numerous blind spots & sharp turns. This Place is a true paradise in all seasons. Malshej (Hills and Valley) is a beautiful monsoon picnic spot and scenic location attracting tourists, trekkers, and rock climbers. This green land also attracts many birds towards its purest climate along with other flora and faunas. People are attracted to the Ghats like a powerful magnet in the monsoon.

Malshej is known for its dark woods & the animals living. Malshej is at its best in Monsoon, you are in the midst of clouds, dense Fog, the Green Valley, enjoy lots of waterfalls on the way. There are plenty of natural waterfalls along the mountains which come straight on to the road. Malshej Ghat experiences monsoon between the months of June to November. Heavy rainfall is the characteristic of the season and light cotton clothes are just enough for the city weather.

The Shivneri Fort is another magical place. The Shivneri Fort is not very far (approximately 40 km) from Malshej Ghat. Based in Junnar the Shivneri fort is a famous destination in Pune tourism. Chhatrapati Shivaji, the great Maratha warrior king was born in the fort and spent his childhood here. The fort has been present since 1st century AD. At the center of the fort is a water pond which is called ‘Badami Talav’. There is a small temple dedicated to the goddess Shivai Devi inside the fort, after whom Shivaji was named.

The area of Shivneri Fort is around 1.6 KM with 7 huge gates. The view of the valley from this fort is scenic. The architecture is heartwarming and it is 100% must place to visit in Pune. Shivneri can be reached from Malshej Ghat head towards Ganesh Khind and reach to Fort.

These are places like heaven to be seen in monsoon. You drive under waterfalls and clouds surrounded by lush green mountains and valleys. Plan a trip to these magical places you will love it…

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malshejMonsoon Magical Places – Malshej Ghat & Shivneri Fort

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