Malshej Ghat – A Heaven On Earth

In the lap of the beautiful rocky terrain lies the Malshej Ghat. Amongst the various beautiful natural Pune tourist places, Malshej holds an important position. The beautiful Pune visiting places are generally covered with lush greenery and a serene environment. Malshej Ghat is a mountain pass that has now become an important and attractive tourist destination in Pune, Maharashtra. The natural beauty of the mountain pass cannot be described in words. At an average height of 700 meters, they are situated in the Pune district of Maharashtra. The borders of Thane and Ahmednagar touch the beautiful Malshej Ghats. The most beautiful Pune tourist places are not far away from Mumbai. It is at a distance of 154 km from Mumbai towards northeast direction. Monsoon is the most appropriate season for visiting these amazing places. The entire mountain pass gets covered in greenery and the pink flamingos show their wonderful aura in this part of the year. Places around the Malshej Ghats are also very famous and worth a watch. After spending quality time at the natural waterfalls in Malshej one can head towards more historical places. Certain ancient forts can be reached through Malshej ghats.

Heart Throbbing Activities




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Highlighters Of Malshej

Bird Watching
Cascading Waterfalls
malshej ghat
malshej ghat

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